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Journeyz app Now Available on the Salesforce AppExchange

Enables B2B account teams to optimize product adoption at scale, and provides execs with insights on customer health, risks, and opportunities.

Herzliya, Israel, June 16, 2023 – Journeyz, provider of the first B2B personalization platform, today announced the availability of the Journeyz app on the Salesforce AppExchange.

This app is designed for execs and account teams to understand customer's business objectives and provide with a tailored plan to optimize product adoption, at scale.

"Recognizing that product adoption is a critical element for businesses, and that spending in the area is excessive, our AI based B2B personalization platforms is designed to automatically understand business objectives, and drive users towards optimized product adoption" said Guy Gadnir, CEO and Co-founder of Journeyz. "We are excited to deliver a platform that multiplies the effectiveness of account teams, and has a direct impact on accelerating business outcomes, both for sellers and users. With Salesforce being the system of record for our users, the Journeyz app for Salesforce is the trivial interface for the intelligence provided by the Journeyz platform".

Journeyz app is 100% native in Salesforce Sales Cloud, meaning users stay focused in one place, working with real-time data that is safe and secure. Key features of

Journeyz app include:

  • Business value discovery wizard.

  • Business KPI and Product adoption KPI scoring.

  • Business risks and expansion opportunities analyzer.

  • Customer segmentations and product market fit dashboards.

  • Manager's view and approval processes.

"I absolutely LOVED the use case guided approach and the way you tie feature adoption to the business use case." said Adi Janowitz, Chief Customers Officer, HiBob.

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