An Unforgettable Journey: My Summer Internship Experience with Journeyz

Stepping out of my comfort zone and venturing across the world for a summer internship with an AI software company, I had no idea what to expect. But little did I know that this experience with Journeyz would become one of the most transformative and rewarding periods of my life.

Abby Blaze
Abby Blaze
June 2, 2024
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An Unforgettable Journey: My Summer Internship Experience with Journeyz

It all started when I applied for my university's Onward program, which offered students the chance to intern abroad and spend the summer in the vibrant city of Tel Aviv. After being selected for the program, I was matched with Journeyz for an interview. From the moment I met Guy, one of the founders, at the top of the Azriel Tower, I felt an instant connection. The initial jitters and concerns about my abilities as a public relations and journalism student working with a technology software company quickly faded away, and I knew this was going to be an incredible journey.

As a marketing writer for Journeyz, I had the opportunity to grow both professionally and personally in ways I could not have imagined. I never envisioned myself working in the technology sector, but this experience has shown me that I am capable of so much more than I gave myself credit for. Immersed in new and exciting topics related to AI software, I challenged myself to learn and adapt quickly, embracing the opportunity to expand my horizons.

Throughout the summer, my role as a marketing writer involved creating diverse content for Journeyz. From crafting engaging LinkedIn posts and eye-catching graphics to writing blog posts and contributing to website design, I had a chance to experiment with various forms of marketing content. It was an enriching experience, learning how to tailor my writing style to effectively reach our target audience and achieve our marketing objectives.

The credit for my growth and development goes to Guy and Tamar, who served as exceptional mentors. They not only guided me through the intricacies of marketing but also made me feel right at home in a foreign country. Their support and encouragement, both personally and professionally, played a significant role in making this internship memorable and rewarding.

Beyond work, I had the privilege of witnessing Journeyz's brilliance firsthand during the Coller Startup Competition. Seeing the team take home the well-deserved prize was a moment that will forever stay etched in my memory. It was inspiring to witness the passion and dedication of the team as they showcased their innovative vision to the world.

As my summer internship with Journeyz comes to a close, I reflect on the invaluable skills, knowledge, and experiences I've gained. From honing my marketing and creative abilities to embracing new challenges with confidence, this internship has transformed me into a more skilled and self-assured individual.

I am deeply grateful to Guy and Tamar for this life-changing opportunity and for making my summer in Tel Aviv an unforgettable experience. The journey doesn't end here; it's only the beginning of a promising and exciting career ahead.

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