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Bridging the Major Retention Blindspots in SaaS 

While over 70% of recurring revenue in SaaS depends on renewals and expansions, churn rates have recently escalated to the highest in B2B SaaS history. The solutions currently available in the market are inadequate to bridge the  gaps faced by retention leaders, such as:

Value Blindspots: Lack of ability to tell what value clients expect and receive from the product, at scale (currently done manually for high touch accounts or not done at all).

Adoption Blindspots: A dependence on naive product adoption data that fails to uncover WHY clients are using or not using your product.

Renewal Blindspots: Health scores and churn prediction models often lack actionable insights and tend to signal warnings too late.

The First Customer Value Platform

Customer Value Platform is a whole new category. It takes a fresh approach to customer churn and expansion challenges that goesbeyond the traditional playbooks, adoption dashboards and health scores.

Customer Value Platform

Scalable and value-driven recommendations that are both personalized and actionable.

Revenue Intelligence

Missing call to actions; limited value for lower touch accounts

Product Analytics

Missing correlation between product usage, user segments and their desired business values

CSM Platforms

Manual workflows, unscalable value mapping, limited health scores

Anchoring Around Business Value  

Unlike other tools and approaches, Customer Value Platform starts with the WHY, rather than the HOW. It relies on automated business value discovery and its correlation with customer interactions and product usage. 

Driving Personalization at Scale

Leveraging the leading retention tactics from B2C to B2B - personalization, to drive personalized product recommendations to users, as well as actionable insights for retention leaders. 

‘Closing the Loop’ with Actionable Insights 

Journeyz enables retention leaders to be proactive, and benefit from actionable insights that are value driven.

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