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Our Mission

To drive optimized product adoption at scale, by personalizing and automating customer experience.

Journeyz is your co-pilot in driving customers’ journeys. It will allow you to always be one step ahead of your customers. Introducing business-to-business (B2B) personalization, for the first time. Personalization allows for each end-user to use the business product to its full potential by addressing their specific needs. The benefits of personalization are proved in increasing customer loyalty, higher chances for repeated buy, reducing churn, and improving customer experience and satisfaction. 

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Who We Are

Co-founders, Guy Gadnir and Tamar Barzuza have been a powerful innovation duo for many years. Combining their business, product and technological innovation skills with the personalities they are, they have introduced the benefits of AI over a decade ago, while working at a renowned global giant, leading in customer experience technologies.


It became evident that B2B customer experience technologies are lagging behind B2C, and the experience for business users with tech products is far less than what we are all used to as consumers. 


That gap is Personalization. 


Having many common values and success measures, Tamar and Guy decided to take on the bold task of disrupting the realm of B2B customer experience. Tamar was captivated by the immense amount of data that remains unused. Guy was enthusiastic about optimizing customer experience and business results. Tamar and Guy brought their unique expertise and passions together to create a software product that personalizes B2B interactions for the first time ever.

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Core Values


Mutual Responsibility 

Give Back

Responsible AI

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Meet the Team

Guy Gadnir portrait
  • LinkedIn

Guy Gadnir

CEO & Co-founder

Ifat lev
  • LinkedIn

Ifat Lev

VP Customers

Tamar Barzuza portrait
  • LinkedIn

Tamar Barzuza

CTO & Co-founder

Abby Blaze
  • LinkedIn

Abby Blaze

Marketing Writer

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