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Churn Prevention

B2B Personalization, for the first time. Increased loyalty, customer satisfaction, brand awareness and eventually eliminate churn for maximized revenue from existing customers. 

Optimized Product Adoption 

Drive optimized product adoption to maximize business results.

Maximize Expansion Opportunities 

Grow funnel and accelerate expansion opportunities, cross sell and upsell.

Journeyz grid
Journeyz grid

Efficiency and Scalability

Maximize efficiency and scalability by focusing account managers and customer success managers on what matters most.

Boost Customer Experience

Boost your customer experience and your NPS.

Automated Customer Interactions

Generate automatically personalized customer interactions.

We Integrate With Your Tech Stack

Journeyz harnesses the potential of your existing data, by integrating seamlessly with your email and messaging systems, call transcription applications, ticketing system, CRM, BI and product analytics. By applying Journeyz AI, we multiply the power of your existing data.

Salesforce Application

Journeyz Available On Salesfroce Appexchange Badge

For account teams, get up to date account status in meeting KPIs and recommended actions natively in your Salesforce Account page. See the full portfolio for making priority calls and be more impactful than ever before. Activate your Journeyz co-pilot for automated customer interactions. 

For executives, get dynamic dashboards of risks and opportunities across your portfolio, review and approve account objectives and success maps, get segmentation data to see where your customers are, everything natively in Salesforce.

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